Yext – 12 Months

To ensure local business listings are accurate and consistent across the web, Yext software is used to update and protect this information. Yext works directly with 61 local listings networks and directories to make sure information is up-to-date and that there are no duplicate records. This includes business information like NAP (name, address, phone number), hours of operation, photos, videos, staff bios, menus, products, and much more. Listings can be updated instantly and the modified listings should be available across networks and directories within 48 hours.

Duplicate listings are capable of not only confusing potential customers, but also harming a company’s SEO because search engines aren’t sure which listing to rank in search results. Through Yext’s suppression service, duplicates can be combined into one, up-to-date listing.

In addition to local listings, Yext allows you to monitor customer reviews shared within its network of websites. This gives you the opportunity to address any positive or negative feedback given and work quickly to resolve any issues that may arise.


  • Update and lock in business information on 72 networks/directories for 12 months
    • Includes NAP information as well as hours of operation, photos, videos, staff bios, menus, products, etc. (robust category information.)
    • This information is updated instantly (but at times can take up to 48 hours to populate on all networks) from ONE spot.
    • Special Offer/Tagline – exclusive only to Yext to help your business stand out among your competition.
  • Duplicate suppression on 58 of 72 sources
    • Duplicate listings can confuse customers and hurt search engine rankings, through Yext’s exclusive access Mainstreethost can suppress these listings.