Web Form

Website forms are a great way to collect information from users, including name, email address, phone number, and anything else that might be useful. Form fields are customized based on what is most important to the business collecting the data, which can then be used in future marketing efforts.

Basic web forms can include up to 10 unique fields, and more advanced options can include up to 25. Keep in mind that the shorter the form, the more likely a user is to fill it out. Providing information through a form takes the user time and effort, so make sure it’s worth their while. You can offer exclusive content or other enticing rewards as a result of their participation.

  • Basic Web Form
  • Advanced Web Form

Basic Web Form

· Include up to 10 unique fields

Advanced Web Form

· Include up to 25 unique fields


  • Creation of 1 custom website form
  • Placement of form on desired web pages (any and/or all on website)