Social Media 2.0

Freedom, flexibility and growth – The cornerstones of modern social media marketing.

With social media 2.0, you work directly with a dedicated Social Media Marketing Specialist which gives you the freedom and flexibility to adapt to the changing tides of the social media world.

Our teams carefully executed plans employ proven strategies, which we call playbooks, to drive targeted results, increased engagement and successful ad campaigns, as social media is a ‘pay to play’ environment.

Work provided each month is based on the set number of hours purchased and scope of work each month is determined by Social Media Marketing Specialist.

The Playbooks:

  • Fresh on the Scene: Is perfect for business owners who have little to no social media presence. Understanding which networks your customers are on, generating quality content and engaging with your audience on a consistent basis are just a few of the efforts required to manage successful social campaigns. Our Social Media Marketing Specialist will work with you to define your customer profile for ads and strategize your first steps into social.
  • Brand Awareness: Getting your name known to the masses is a daunting responsibility. Being ‘top of mind’ within your target market is a proven strategy for sustained growth. Our Social Media Marketing Specialist will strategize with you to create a brand awareness campaign that showcases the personality of your brand. Our initial focus will be to provide consistency across all necessary social platforms and tell YOUR story.
  • Traffic Boost: Does your business have an upcoming event or conference? If so, you’re in the right place. Our Traffic Boost Playbook is designed for clients who need a short-term, social media campaign with defined KPI’s and goals, that need to be met within a specific amount of time.
  • Lead Generation / Conversions: What is your bottom line? Is it to make sales via your website or demonstrating social proof, or encouraging user-generated content? Whatever your end goal is, our team at Mainstreethost is here to turn your bottom line into reality.
  • Customer Service: Modern customer service teams understand the value of providing support on social networks to quickly identify issues and answer questions. A multi-channel customer support approach is no longer a luxury but expected among consumers. Research by JD Power found that 67% of people turn to social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to seek resolution to customer service queries.

Next, let talk money and customer service. NYU conducted a study and found that 88% of people who had a negative experience with a brand or saw a negative response to a customer from a brand on social media are less likely to buy!

Eighty-eight percent… let that sink in.

On the other hand, research by Harvard Business Review found that customers who received response via social were more likely to not only stay a customer, but spend MORE money, and recommend the brand to a friend.

Potential Tactics:

  • Social Media Ads
  • Social Media Profile Optimization
  • Social Media Content Creation including
    • Custom posting
    • Curated posts
    • Stories
    • Custom graphics
  • Social Media Contents
  • Snapchat Geofilters
  • Influencer Marketing

We can’t wait to work with you!

Please note: You will need to pay the network directly for the cost of your ad.The cost of this package includes setup, optimization and maintenance of the ads only.