Product Video Advertisement

Sometimes, the most effective way to introduce a message, product, or service to audiences is to show them exactly what you’re talking about. Video advertising is one way to do that. There’s a lot that goes into creating a quality product ad, from storyboard creation to title animation and voice-overs, so this service covers it all.

Client must choose one of the three following video options:

  • Simple Product Review
  • How-To Video
  • Product Shown In-Use Video

Simple Product Review

· Video of someone talking about the product

How-To Video

· An explanation on how to assemble/use a product

Product Shown In-Use Video

· Scripted action video that will show the desired product at work


  • 1 product video advertisement made in 1 of the displayed styles
  • Creation of storyboard
  • 2 hours of production time
  • 4-6 hours of editing time
  • Creation of title animation sequence
  • Professional voice-overs explaining the business and/or service
  • Application of music and/or sound effects
  • Formatting and/or exporting for YouTube playback
  • Optimization for maximum video exposure
  • On-site embed
  • Transcription of video through Speechpad