Link Analysis

It’s important to take a look at where your website’s backlinks are coming from to ensure that you’re only connected to reputable, authoritative sources. A link analysis will dig deeper into these backlinks, considering dozens of factors that Google uses to gauge their quality.

The analysis will identify the types of links and where they’re coming from (e.g. social media, organic search, etc.) as well as whether or not you’re at risk for a potential Google algorithm penalty.


  • Review of backlink profile
    • Gather backlink information from more than 25 sources
    • Divide links into 3 categories: healthy, suspicious, and toxic
    • Identify what web pages are being linked to
    • Identify where links are coming from
    • Anchor text being used
    • Link status (follow, redirect, nofollow, etc.)
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools
    • After receiving your report, you can choose to create and submit a disavow file to Google (this tells Google to stop “counting” links contained in the file). If you choose to prepare and submit a disavow file, a credit for the cost of the backlink package toward the disavow creation package.