HTTP to HTTPS Migration

**This service only applies to sites  hosted by Mainstreethost or hosted on the Mainstreethost Partner Server**

Google is recommending sites transfer to HTTPS so that the web is a safer place. While being more secure is always important, there are some additional reasons why clients might want to consider moving to HTTPs.  One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it makes your clients site more secure for their users. More specifically, it’s more secure when a user is giving your client any sort of information.  It’s essential on pages where users are required to give their credit card information and/or other personal details. However, it’s a good thing to have on all pages.  HTTPS is able to provide multiple layers of protection to that data:

Encryption – The data is worthless to anyone who somehow manages to intercept it because they don’t have the key to decrypt it (your client does).

Data Integrity – Data can’t be corrupted, which is a good thing.

Authentication – It prevents “man in the middle” attacks, which means that it’s not possible for anyone to trick your clients customers into thinking they’re providing you data when they’re really giving it to a scammer.

SEO – There is a small boost in rankings (possibly larger in the future)

All in all, if your client is expecting to get a significant amount of search traffic in the next few years, they should switch to HTTPS.


  • For wordpress sites with 50 pages or less:
    • If we don’t host the website, the client will have to purchase the SSL through their hosting provider, in addition to the $750.
  • For migrating websites that are not in WordPress and/or have more than 50 pages - Please contact Mark Dominguez for a custom quote.

Note: All new websites on new domains will use the HTTPS Protocol moving forward