Google Pay-Per-Click Maintenance

Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform, AdWords, gives businesses the opportunity to promote their product/service offerings to a specified target audience. By setting parameters related to audience demographics and interests, location, device type, and time of day, advertising dollars aren’t wasted on a market that isn’t interested in what a company has to offer.

Advertisers can choose between being charged each time an ad is clicked on, the number of impressions an ad receives, or the number of conversions that result from a click on the ad. Depending on the goals of the marketing campaign, the payment strategy may vary.


  • 1 Month of Google Pay-Per-Click account maintenance, which can include:
    • Biweekly monitoring
    • Bidding and bid adjustments
    • Ad and campaign analysis and adjustments
    • Keyword analysis
    • Placement adjustments
    • Impression and click data
    • Quality scores
    • Shopping feed
    • Topics & interests
  • 1 phone consultation and report