Display Network Setup

Display Network ads are an advertising method where a company pays Google to display their ads in Google’s Display Network. The Display Network is a group of more than one million websites, videos, and apps where the ads can appear, and advertisers only pay when their ad is clicked by a visitor. These ads target specific consumer interests by appearing on relevant websites.

Display ads can also be set up for retargeting. We set this up to show ads only to visitors that already viewed your website. For example, if I view a type of sneaker on nike.com and then go to weather.com and see that same sneaker in an ad, Nike is retargeting that sneaker to me. They can be refined further to only appear on specific websites.


  • Creation of Google AdWords account (if needed)
  • Key phrase research
  • Design of 14 display ads
  • Setup of Display Network and remarketing ads
  • 1 month of maintenance included in setup
    • In addition to setup cost, you must select a number of months for maintenance (minimum of 3 months)

Note: All costs to run a campaign will be paid directly to Google. Our costs include the management of the campaign only.